LCM423 Standard Universal Li-Ion Battery Charger 1-4 cells basic configuration


LCM423 Standard Universal Li-Ion Battery Charger 1-4 cells basic configuration

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Li-Ion Battery Charger LCM423

Callisto Electronics Ltd. has designed a flexible charger module for Li-Ion battery packs with 1-4 cells whereas charging voltage and current can be easily adjusted. The LCM423 is an universal and compact Li-Ion charger module with a sophisticated charging algorithm for Li-Ion battery packs of 1 – 4 cells in series and a charging current of up to 2A with a DC input voltage.

These modules and finished chargers can be adopted to a wide range of requirements (module size, charging current, number of cells per pack, different temperature sensors, housing size, colour, etc.). 

A simple mains power charger is now available, please refer to the specification below.

Please find below a summary of the different models currently available. The model number provides a link to the full datasheet.

Specifications of advanced Li-Ion Battery Modules and Charger



Number of cells 1-4, customer settable  
Fast charging current (Ifast) 0 ... 5A, standard 2A  
Cell voltage 4.0 ... 4.4V  
Timer adjustable pre-charge, fast charge  
Pre-charge current 1/20 * Ifast  
Pre-charge voltage threshold 2.5V  
Charging temperature window [ºC] optional, 0 – 40ºC recommended  
Input voltage DC min. 1.1 x VBAT  
Dimenions [mm] 50.5 x 17.5 x 9mm (PCBA)  
Features * Stand-Alone Charger for Up to Four Li+ Cells, user selectable
* ±0.8% Accurate Battery Regulation Voltage
* Low Dropout: 98% Duty Cycle
* Safely Precharges Near-Dead Cells
* Continuous Voltage and Temperature Monitoring
* <1µA Shutdown Battery Current
* Input Voltage Up to +28V
* Safety Timer Prevents Overcharging
* 300kHz PWM Oscillator Reduces Noise
* 90+% Conversion Efficiency
Options temperature monitoring, LED status indicator


All charger can be adapted to your requirements, please send your requirements
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