About us

About us

Hong Kong based callisto electronics Ltd. provides overseas customers with a reliable partner for electronic OEM assembling. The company has the capacity and expertise to meet the high quality standard of many European and American customers plus serve the expanding Asian market.

callisto electronics was founded in 1995 and became a Limited company in 2002.

With our ISO9001/9002 certified production facilities we can guarantee to meet your quality as well as quantity requirements with in-time delivery. Our experienced management team supervises all production at factory level as well as conducts the final inspection before the goods are shipped. 

We offer

  • Design for manufacturing of your boards
  • OEM manufacturing in China and other Asian countries
  • Custom specific product development of any kind of electronic module/equipment 
  • Component and product sourcing
  • Manufacturing and QC Consulting in Asia

Your advantage

  • Low fix cost, minimum overhead 
  • Flexible capacity and in-time delivery
  • Continuously supporting new technologies 
  • Buying advantages due to volume concentration 
  • Reliable partner in Asia for manufacturing, QC and outsourcing 
  • High intercultural competence